Do you want to bulk schedule posts in a free hootsuite account?



Now you can! With the free version on hootsuite you can now bulk schedule posts from a csv file.



Don't believe it. Read on.



This is a clever small software, which allows you to post messages in bulk on hootsuite with minimum effort.

It is much easier than Hooutsuite bulk scheduler, has no limitations and you don't need a paid hootsuite account.

See how it works:



As seen on:



How does it work? Easy in 3 steps.

1.    Create csv file with urls and their times to post. We have supplied a template for it.

2.    Open the software.

3.    Input your hootsuite password and click “Schedule”.


Who is this for?

·       Anyone who doesn't want to pay hootsuite $29/month.

·       Anyone with free hootsuite account.

·       Anyone with up to 3 pages in hootsuite. See below if you have more than 3 pages.



·       Unlimited number of posts to schedule in a csv. Will be scheduled in batches of up to 30.

·       Automatic tracking of the csv file – it will start from right position next run.

·       Fully automated operation from task scheduler with a simple bat file (included) – set and forget.

·       One click operation mode.

·       No installation needed – safe for your computer.



I have \ I want

Post every hour

Post twice an hour

Post 3 times an hour

1 FB page in HS.

Run once a day with 24 posts.

Run every 12 hours with 24 posts.

Run every 8 hours with 24 posts.

2 FB pages in HS.

Run every 12 hours with 24 posts.

Run every 6 hours with 24 posts.

Run every 4 hours with 24 posts.

3 FB pages in HS.

Run every 8 hours with 24 posts.

Run every 4 hours with 24 posts.

Run every 3 hours with 27 posts.



How much does it cost?

 Regular price $80.

Now for limited time only it is $39.


What do I get? How do I buy?

You get a single hootsuite account license valid indefinitely. This includes one year upgrade and support.

Optionally you can buy yearly support and upgrade for only $15 per year.

Full user manual is included.

To buy, click on Paypal button below. Payment is secured by paypal. No financial data is present to this website.


You will be redirected to provide your hootsuite email for the license to be generated after payment.


How much do you save?


First Year

Every Next Year

Hootsuite Cost



Hootsuite Free Bulk Cost



You Save



*-with no support option


Do you have more than 3 pages in hootsuite?

Not a problem. Give us a shout and we can arrange for multi hoostsuite accounts licenses at a discounted price.



Customer Feedback

What some of our clients say?


Esther on 2 May 2019

I used to spend hours doing this in the free version of hootsuite. Now I just run the bulk scheduler as often as needed to get all my posts on HS.

Javid on 3 May 2019

It is a deal for this price.

Ivo Fader on 3 May 2019

I hate when HS upped the prices. Now there is a solution.

Katya on 5 May 2019

Nice little tool. Saves me a lot of time. The best part is really the price. Nothing compared to the hoot price per year. Good job.

Divyam G on 6 May 2019

Nice. I like. It works. 😊

Clarice Dax on 6 May 2019

Good tool. Does the job. :D

Saurabh  J on 6 May 2019

I think the idea not to pay so much to HS is great. Congrats and keep it going.

Ivan on 7 May 2019

My work is related to FB and I use hoot to post. I paid a lot to hoot, but not anymore. Now just use a free account and this tool.

P.D. on 8 May 2019

If you don’t need hootsuite’s nice pictures and graphs, this is just for you. Simple and efficient.

Chris K on 9 May 2019

OMG it works. Nice.

Nora Lamoti on 10 May 2019

Bien. Todo bien.

Oraf Parim on 10 May 2019

It is really a nice app. Took me 30 min to figure out how many posts, how often to run and it was a breeze after that.

Esther on 11 May 2019

I really like the option to run it from task scheduler in windows. It just works. 

Lorra Miler on 12 May 2019

I like the way it works. Clever staff.  😊

Mike L on 13 May 2019


Sandra Tyler on 14 May 2019

There are some more things that would be nice to have, but for the price this is a valuable tool to have. I hope it gets enhanced. 

Branko on 15 May 2019

I am fed up paying hs every month. I will give this a go and hopefully will save money. 

Kirtsten @ Norway on 15 May 2019

Vary easy to operate as a bat file. And with the unlimited csv file I can jut let it work. I post a lot to FB pages. Even with hoot’s 300 limit I needed to post every day. This app solves my problem.

John Kolam on 16 May 2019

It is small and well documented.

Sin Jaima on 17May 2019

Run it as task and forget about it. It does it nicely. I’d like to see a server version of it.

Gregory P on 18 May 2019

I have a crowd sourced selfie blog. I need to post a lot to the face. This sorts it nicely for a good price.

Sarah on 19 May 2019

Convenient, but could be more advanced.

Kuyin on 21 May 2019

Easy to use and small. Will there be an option for pictures share?

Gordon Man on 23 May 2019

For the price of 5 beers this is a good deal. Been using it for a while and I am happy.

Takow on 24 May 2019

Got it but, not impressed. It works but looks outdated.

Rose on 25 May 2019

I wish I have found it earlier – would have saved money I paid to hootsuite. Greedy people they are.

Naomi Cater on 27May 2019

I wasn’t sure from the video but gave it a try. Works juuust fine 😊

Tarik Parmat on 30 May 2019

I love it.

Youala on 3 June 2019

Keep up the good job. It is simple and works.

Nigota matara on 5 June 2019

I am happy with it for the price. I also got very good price for multiple hootsuite accounts. Recommended.

Casey Jonesh on 6 June 2019

Not much of a hassle to operate. Also very reasonable price. 😊

Anrey Slan on 6 June 2019

Could have some more features but I guess the ease of use makes it the right tool.

Chin Kath on 7 June 2019


Kal on 8 June 2019

Easy to use.

Ivona Tolo on 9 June 2019

I can enjoy my time while this one works. Great tool.

Josh Inavati on 9 June 2019

Recommended, good tool.

Pipia on 11 June 2019

Does work. Easy to use.

Ivon on 13 June 2019

I am glad I gound it. Saves me money.

Nikola on 14 June 2019

Hootsuite got greedy. I am small enought to not want to pay them. This sorts it.

Nick Mal on 15 June 2019


Penata on 16 June 2019

Works and fast.

Kolia on 18 June 2019

Nice piece of soft.

GOGA on 19 June 2019

For its price it is good. Does the job.

Dida a on 21 June 2019


John J on 25 June 2019

Not hard to work with. I tought it would be hardr, but no.

Nadia on 26 June 2019

I like the option to select the wait time, so hootsuite will not block you. Very clever, thanks.